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residential relocation 


Quist Moving & Storage, and its partner for interstate moving, Wheaton World Wide Moving, make up the perfect team to help you relocate your home, and your life. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, Quist Moving & Storage have you covered. Quist Moving has developed a specialized approach to moving customers into and out of their homes and into their new lives.

What is residential moving? Here’s how we look at it:

  • Moving from one home to another – One that you’re selling to one that you’re buying elsewhere
  • Moving from an apartment to a house
  • Moving from one apartment to another apartment

Moving companies put residential moves into some broader categories

Local moves – Generally, moves that are within or around city limits, are considered local moves. Local moves are performed by the hour and are regulated by the state of Minnesota. Our rates and regulations are filed with the offices of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the Minnesota Transport Services Association.

INTRAstate moves – Generally, intrastate moves are those from city to city within the state of Minnesota. INTRAstate moves are performed by the hour and mileage within the state of Minnesota. These types of moves are also regulated and filed with the state of Minnesota. Our tariff is available for inspection in our offices, or the aforementioned offices during normal business hours.

INTERstate moves – Generally, interstate moves are those that cross state lines (e.g. Minnesota to California or Minnesota to Ohio).

Where does the van line come in?

Wheaton, and other van lines, has special authority to move household goods across state lines. Many local agents do not have the authority to perform interstate moves on their own, without the help of an interstate van line like Wheaton World Wide Moving. Wheaton extends that authority to local agents, like Quist Moving & Storage, so they can move your belongings from a home in one state to a home in another. You can think of Wheaton as a network of moving agents all working to ensure your household goods gets from your origin to your destination.

Wheaton’s moving services begin with your local agent well before the truck arrives and lasts long after your final box is unpacked. The cornerstone of your moving experience, your local Wheaton Agent coordinates your move in conjunction with Wheaton corporate headquarters and is a resource available to you throughout the entire process.

Moving can seem a little daunting at first glimpse, but Wheaton’s years of experience and knowledge of the moving industry will make for a smooth transition.